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Men’s Braces – Helping You Achieve Perfect Smile

Dental braces in general are for people who want to position their teeth properly. Both men and women wear braces either for aesthetic or medical purposes.  Men’s braces are not different from women’s. They can come in metal, plastic or ceramic.  Orthodontic braces often come in transparent style since most men don’t want their braces to be noticeable.

Just like anyone else, men also encounter pain during the first few days of wearing men’s braces. This is because the teeth are experiencing slight force which moves them to the right position. Aside from proper alignment of teeth, most males wear men’s braces to achieve better facial structure. This happens because once the teeth are properly positioned; the bone structure of the face is enhanced.

But beyond these benefits, wearing men’s braces can cause several disadvantages. Below are the common unpleasant effects of dental braces.

Bad Breath

Well, this does not only happen among males. Women are also prone to having unpleasant breath during their orthodontic treatment. Men’s braces can cause awful breath, especially if the patient does not practice proper oral hygiene.

To prevent bad breath caused by wearing braces, you need to brush your teeth regularly, and clean the orthodontic appliance with the appropriate solution and tool.

Teenager Wearing BracesMouth and Gum Sores

Wearing men’s braces can cause constant pressure on your gum, inner cheek and lips. This pressure is caused by the metal hardware that touches these areas when you talk, eat and even when you don’t open your mouth.  In order to remedy your mouth and gum sores, you may wash your mouth with a solution of salt and warm water. You may also ask your orthodontist about special kind of creams or mouth wash to heal these sores fast.

Plaque and Tartar

Although these are not primarily caused by wearing men’s braces, you are likely to acquire them if you don’t follow the guidelines given by your orthodontist. Brushing and flossing your teeth are not easy when you have braces. So, if this is the case, have your teeth cleaned by your dentist. The dental braces that you are wearing will have to stay for at least one year to complete the treatment.  And so, if you cannot brush your teeth properly, you will certainly suffer with these unpleasant things on your teeth.

Aside from these potential effects of wearing men’s braces, the entire treatment can also cost you a lot. Orthodontic treatments are not cheap especially if your teeth require thorough treatment. Not to mention the medicines that you have to buy to ease the pain whenever your braces are adjusted. But in spite of these unlikely truths about wearing men’s braces, many still have them done during their teen years. That is because teenage years are crucial as it is the period when your teeth are all permanent yet they can still be re-aligned through orthodontic treatment.

If you have crooked teeth or you have huge teeth gaps, wearing men’s braces is the best way to resolve these. You see, having a great smile is possible with men’s braces. Never worry a thing because we will provide you with helpful information on how to prevent all the unpleasant side effects of braces.